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"We made a mistake. Somebody didn’t double-check the numbers." Sen. Donna Mercado Kim addresses a state budget shortfall that's prompting Gov. Neil Abercrombie to veto up to $46 million in proposed DOE funding to balance it. [KHON]
And who was that "somebody"?  Cough, was you, Ms. Kim.

State senate president Donna Mercado Kim aka "Ms. Ruthless Beauty Queen" for her overweening vanity and propensity for yelling at testifiers who displease her, has capped her rein over the most dysfunctional state senate ever, by flubbing her most important job - passing a balanced budget.

Ms Ruthless is running for the U.S. House where she'll be right at home with her friends in the GOP.

Kim voted against marriage equality and is courting the rightwing social conservatives, where she's being lauded by the Hawai'i Christian Coalition. This is part of Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition and their mission is to pass laws against abortion, marriage equality and in favor of school prayer.

Kim also appointed a Monsanto lobbyist to the Water Commission nominating committee right after Monsanto was turned down on both Oahu and Maui for more water.  In Hawai'i water is a public trust and the Water Commission decides who gets it.  Droughts are increasing so there is much competition for water.

This Republican candidate for Congress....WAIT!...she's a DEMOCRAT???

Yes folks, she IS a Democrat in this state that every politician (save a handful) have joined the Democratic party or else faced a life in limbo unable to get any chairmanship or power.

On the mainland you folks have the "corporate wing" of the Democratic Party and the "Elizabeth Warren wing".  Here in Hawai'i we have those two wings and also the "Republican wing of the Democratic party".

Now here's the bad news.  The last Civil Beat poll showed Donna Mercado Kim ahead for the CD1 Congressional seat. Here's the breakdown:

Donna Mercado Kim 30%
Mark Takai 24%
Stanley Chang 9%
Ikaika Anderson 7%
Will Espero 6%
Joey Manahan 1%

Undecided 23%
Margin of error 6.1%

As often happens in Hawai'i, there are many good candidates in this race and one really, really bad candidate.  Thus the corporations pile on to the bad candidate and the many good candidates split the vote.

Right now folks are deciding which candidate to get behind since the only way that Donna Kim can lose is if all the not-Donna Kim voters consolidate behind one.

It would be a real shame if a conservative like Kim were to win in a deep blue state like Hawai'i.

As the NotDonnaKim website says:

Friends don't let friends vote for Donna Kim

6:31 PM PT: Forgot to mention that Donna Kim blocked the passage of the Minimum Wage increase last year.


Do you think Hawai'i will get it together to beat Ms. Ruthless?

73%44 votes
5%3 votes
21%13 votes

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  •  So the top-two primary system isn't all bad (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    wilderness voice

    If Hawaii had a top-two primary like California, what are the odds the general election would be the top two Democrats (Mercado Kim and someone else)?

  •  I hate this crap, I really do (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Karen from Maui, Karl Rover

    I understand that ego is a big part of some people getting into politics, but this makes me want to bite a tire iron in half.

    Bad Egg You Don't Want 30%
    I'm The Bad Egg Breaker 26%
    No, I'm the Bad Egg Breaker 9%
    No, No, I AM the REAL Bad Egg Breaker 8%
    No, No, No, Me. It's Me 4%
    Sorry folks, It's all me. 2%
    Bwahahahaha, No. Fail. Me 1%
    I realize that sometimes the Bag Egg will have some buddy of theirs run to split the vote for the alternative, but when its a handful, there's some ego helping bad things go down.

    For the love of God, take your 2% or your 5%  or your 8% and be the bigger person, be the somebody who goes and makes a selfless endorsement. It's the sort of move that moves the undecideds and makes people think that maybe you care about your hometown more than you do about getting a cookie.

    Call it Karma. Call it "someday maybe you'll remember I did this for you when you needed it the most". Whatever.

    Things come back to those who think longer term.

    "Real journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations." -George Orwell

    by LeftHandedMan on Tue Jun 10, 2014 at 06:05:39 PM PDT

  •  so who do you like, and who is viable? (0+ / 0-)

    I've been favorably impressed by Stanley Chang, but those numbers aren't good. Mark Takai isn't that progressive, I hear... but I'm more interested in what locals say than impressions that wend their way to the mainland.

    •  There are good candidates (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      quill, RLMiller

      I am partial to Stanley Chang, but as you say that poll did not look good.  

      Mark Takai looks like he has the best chance to win and I think it is about time where we have to consolidate behind one NOT-Kim candidate.

      If it were only between Mark and Stanley, I wouldn't worry because they are both good.

      But Kim has to be stopped.

      Stanley is down the line progressive and I believe if he doesn't win this election, we're going to see him again and he is going far. He's young and he has more than a promising career ahead of him.

      Takai has a solid record on the environment and has become more progressive--but of course he's not Chang.

      CD1 is a little more conservative than the state as a whole so perhaps Takai will be able to garner the votes needed to defeat Kim.  After all, that seat has seen Hanabusa (who is bad but doesn't hold a candle to how bad Kim is) and Djou -- a teaparty Republican.

      But that was a fluke because 2 Dems split the vote in a winner-take-all election.

      Takai's military background should help with garnering support.  I like that he said that after he came back from Iraq, he made up his mind, "no more wars for oil" and put PV on his roof and started advocating for renewable energy.

      He was also opposed to the Iraq invasion so that's a big plus.

      Takai's been a reliable vote for solar roofs, PACE type programs for financing PV for low income folks and voted in favor of grid modernization AKA "arm twist the utility into accepting more rooftop PV"

      Stanley Chang, because he's been in County government, hasn't had the opportunity to vote on as many good bills but he's pushing LED lights and styrofoam container ban.

      If poll numbers were equal, it would be one thing.  but with such a wide gap, I gotta get behind Takai and just hope that I get a chance to work for Chang in the next election.

  •  I've lived in San Francisco and upstate New York (0+ / 0-)

    almost all of my life and I see it again and again - when you have a 1 party monopoly you get only 1 thing, corruption.
    Just something to think about when we retake the House before we purge the third way.

    •  I'll add this to your comment (0+ / 0-)

      You may have been including this scenario but I'll elaborate.

      Since the Democratic Party dominates Hawaii politics, any Republican can be assured there is no possibility of a chairmanship or any power at all if they are elected.

      (There's an exception under the House regime the last 2 years but we'll gloss over that for now)

      So what happens is that all the Republicans JOIN the Democratic party.

      So in our party the Conservatives and Liberals are constantly fighting for control.

      And to make it interesting the ILWU and construction unions come in on the side of the Republican branch because they're making deals with developers in return for unionizing and the current leadership is very, very socially conservative.

      Donna Mercado Kim is far to the right of even the Republican branch of the Democratic party.

      Anti-union (except those making deals with developers)
      Anti-raising minimum wage
      Pro-corporate (particularly Monsanto and developers)

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